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Swiss Duty Free Diamonds central office will submit best certified or rough diamonds according to each customer’s budget. The diamonds price will correspond to the best market price.


 The operational process will be run as the following:


1. Once the customer chooses Swiss Duty Free Diamonds as the best possible tax free offer available on the market, he will order the selected diamonds and will issue the necessary requested down payment balance will be settled at the stone delivery.

2. The customer will then receive a SDFD ownership certificate, the selected laboratory certificate, a certified invoice with the market value and a warehouse issuance (the sale will be tax-free).

3. The customer will choose if the stone(s) should be stocked in SDFD Geneva tax free zone or delivered in Geneva Airport duty free zone for another destination.

4. The customer will choose whether he will order the stone(s) under his name or under a company’s name.

5. Upon request and at the occasion of a future departure to any foreign country, the customer can retrieve the stone(s) at his convenience in the Airport Duty Free Zone.

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