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In partnership with the Geneva Airport Duty Free Zone, Swiss Duty Free Diamonds is specialized in the tax-free diamonds acquisition, storage, and trading. The Geneva Tax Free Ports is a free trade zone offering full confidentiality, maximum security and private exchange market exempted from taxes.

Bague en diamant
mine diamonds

Swiss duty-free diamonds are initially uncut rough diamonds sourced directly from the mine.

In their rough form, these diamonds have the potential to meet every expectation in terms of size, shape, color and purity grade.

Only in the hands of our master artisans can these diamonds fulfill their true potential.

After extraction from the mine, our rough diamonds are hand-selected for their unique characteristics, before being meticulously cut and polished to achieve their full brilliance.

Worldwide, approximately 13 million carats of diamonds are mined annually, with a total value of nearly US $9billion.

Swiss duty-free diamonds are mainly ethically sourced from Africa and extracted by pipe mining, which consists of open-pit mining and underground mining.

airport detax

Upon request, the diamonds can be delivered to Geneva Airport duty free zone or any other airport duty free zone in the world. The Geneva Tax Free Ports provides a private exchange market were trading and deposits of Swiss Duty Free diamonds are exempted of taxes and duty payments.The Geneva Tax Free ports are the safest tax free zones in the world, offering the higher standards of safety and security.  

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